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Our History

In 1997, Jack and Annette Aronson produced the first pint of Artichoke Garlic Gourmet Salsa in their restaurant, Clubhouse Barbeque, in Ferndale, Michigan. The salsa was made with only the freshest ingredients and a special blend of spices. The Artichoke Garlic Gourmet Salsa proved to be a popular item with friends and family. Jack and Annette packaged the product and began their new salsa-selling venture and named it Garden Fresh Salsa.

 Jack and Annette set off to the stores, sampling Garden Fresh Salsa with their kettle-fried corn tortilla chips. Customers and store managers demanded the Aronsons to market the tortilla chips because they were a perfect complement to their fresh salsas. Garden Fresh Kettle-Style Corn Tortilla Chips were born.

 Garden Fresh Salsa Company has received several awards for their fresh salsas and corn tortilla chips. Thatís because our products are made with the freshest ingredients and contain no additives, colorings or preservatives.  Our chips and salsas are kosher, 100% natural and delicious.

 Garden Fresh Salsa Company now produces 15 exciting flavors of salsas and salted and unsalted corn tortilla chips.  Once you try our chips and salsas, thereís no going back!